How to REALLY learn Spanish!

Have you tried to learn Spanish? But find the usual programs just don't work?

Most traditional Spanish programs focus on grammar as a way to begin speaking the language. Have you found after all your studying you just froze up when you had the chance to communicate? It takes time to think through weeks of verb conjugations and come up with an answer to even a simple question.

Instead we suggest you focus on a few simple ways to communicate ideas that are useful in multiple situations, and then we practice those situations with role plays before venturing out. Since the choices are limited they are easy to remember, and since they apply to most situations you will be out speaking in no time!

There are lots of free resources here on our site, which you can use to supplement your current program to learn Spanish or to create a customized plan which meets your needs perfectly.

We offer:

* FUN WAYS to learn Spanish

* Lots of FREE RESOURCES, including work lists to build your vocabulary, phrases to speed up your ability to communicate, and games to play

* REVIEWS of Spanish learning programs, so you don't buy something you'll regret

* SPANISH ROLE PLAYS you can use to practice every day interactions before you jump into conversation with a native speaker

* A DISCUSSION AREA, where you can ask and answer questions about learning Spanish, word usage, and other Spanish programs

Spanish is best learned in context, and in interactions with native speakers. The goal of our site is to give you what you need to start communicating with Spanish speakers right away. Grammar and perfect pronounciation will come once you are using your Spanish in useful ways.

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